Thursday, January 14, 2010

Know the line tracking robot

assalamualaikum wr.wb..

we know today is full of a distinguished era technology, for example only job he has now been much assisted by robots.
what is a human-shaped robot or robots who turned the machines do not know who most of the org that was a robot.
and here I would like to invite temen2 familiar line tracking robot. which the robot is very easy to make, I chose this topic because this robot base from which to walk without the aid of a robot remote control,
let us look at the workings of the robot tracking this line:

the workings of the robot line tracking is to follow the lines with the help of sensors. sensor used here could use an infrared photo diode or photo. and to track the use of lines shaped like a circuit to pass robot.sirkuit line to be traversed by the robot must have a different color with a basic color if the same circuit because the robot could be run not in line with expectations.

There were material required to make a line tracking robot is as follows: diode as sensor 2 pcs
2.relay 5 v 4 pieces
3.batery 9 v 2 pieces
4.pcb 1 sheet 10x10
5.resistor 10 ohm 2 pieces
6.resistor 1k 2 pieces
7.potensiometer 10k 1 pc
8.led 2 pieces
9.gearbox 2 pieces
10.motor dc 2 pieces
11.ic 7805 1
12.ic 358
130 bd two

for the series of images can vary so you searcing own, please understand ..
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